Friday, August 26, 2005


Finally I'm on the right track with Birch, the lovely Rowan shawl. I think this is the fifth attempt, so it was about time. The last time it went to the frogpond was because:
1. I knitted the garter stitch version (yep, always chosing the most convenient option....), but that didn't look nice
2. I got confused which was RS and which was WS, so I totally messed things up.

Another problem I had was knitting the K2tog tbl's. But I found out you can knit a ssk instead. I think it looks exactly the same, and it is much easier to knit. I also changed to a circular needle, which makes it more easy to move the stitches forward. Although I'm a loose knitter, 299 stitches on a needle makes it all feel like a tight knit. Well, here is the result so far:


Blogger Saartje said...

I just posted today's entry on my blog and made the exact same suggestion that you are using: to do ssk's instead of k2togtbl.
After I finished I went to check out your blog, only to find out you're already on your way! I'm sure you'll do great, it's such a nice pattern, and a lovely colour you've chosen.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Biba said...

Thanks anyway, for the suggestion!
Your Birch looks really nice. And I'm surprised Dropje hasn't nestled him-/herself on it. Cats must love this soft yarn...

9:30 PM  

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