Sunday, October 16, 2005


I almost feel guilty, having not blogged for such a long time. It feels like truancy! I didn't finish anything during the last weeks, but I just made some pictures of the Birch-shawl and the skirt I'm sewing. Birch is finally coming to an end, there are now only 100 stitches left. Maybe that sounds like a lot, but I started with 299.... And I'm getting really bored with this shawl so it's about time. This is what it looks like now

The skirt is quite a lot of work too. I didn't realize that all these seams (10!) would cost so much time. But I think it's going to look nice, when it's finished. Very feminin!

Hope to show you something finished in a few days. Don't know why I'm so slow. I've so much time to knit, sew and do other things. The lovely weather of the past week I have to blame, I think.


Blogger Nakeel said...

uuuh i like the skirt soo much can i have it now that u r done...

5:50 PM  
Blogger zoetegoed said...

I can imagine you are happy with 100 stitches! I hope you like what you have knit. Certainly I am not going to do the Birch.
The skirt is going to be great! Does the color fit with Loll?

11:55 PM  

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