Sunday, November 06, 2005

Socks and socks

Here they are, the Gow With The Flow Socks. Colourful and warm. I totally love them! The nicest ones I've knit until so far. Although the Mega Boots Stretch yarn is not the nicest yarn I ever used. It splits very easily, rather annoying when you have to pick up stitches.
I used about 80 grs. of the yarn, so there's about 20 grs. left. In my copy of IK I found this cute heart sachet I would like to make with the leftovers. For myself or as a present..... Maybe, when it turns out OK, I can make some more with the other leftovers I have saved. I think I'll shortly make and post a picture of this heap of yarn. To remind me of all the stuff I have, when I'm thinking about buying new yarn.

Like I did last week. In the picture you can see a new ball of yarn, Cool wool Merino 2000 of Lana Grossa. It is a bit like Rowans 4 ply soft, but softer, and cheaper of course. I started knitting the Padded Footlets, another IK-pattern, which I'm probably going to change in Non-Padded Footlets. According to the pattern you have to use a double strand for the sole. But as the socks will become bedsocks for my mum, padded soles aren't necessary (phew!). Mum often has cold feet in bed (runs in the family), and she's been saying for about a year now she's going to knit socks herself. Socks without a heel she wants to knit! Hahahaaa! I think these are going to be much nicer. They will be a Saint Nicholas-present, so hush!

Next time I will you show what else I bought at the yarn shop. Yeah, Rowan-yarn of course.....


Blogger Casey said...

Your socks are lovely! I'm almost done with my first pair and it's much easier than I thought. I think I'm going to knit the Go WIth the Flow socks next. They're beautiful. Nice job.

12:34 AM  

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