Saturday, April 16, 2005

The shapely tank top

Last week I started the shapely tank top I found at the site of White Lies Design. And look at this, it's almost finished! I knitted the smallest size, but hope it's not too small. As cotton usually stretches, I thought I'd made it fit tight. Well, we'll see. After finishing the back I'm going to block the two pieces, for he first time in my life.... Isn't that exciting? :-)

I also started to knit socks for my dad. He's always complaining about his socks, too tight, too long, too whatever.... Yesterday I showed the small piece (with a small cable in it) I had started and he was satisfied! Pfew! I could choose from the colours darkblue, darkblue and darkblue. Yes, darkblue socks are his favourite! But it's not an easy coulour to knit with, my old eyes cannot count the rows very well, so I hope the cable will turn out OK.

BIbig b'\
says: Have a nice weekend!

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Socks for Rene

Finally I finished the socks for Rene. It was his birthday two weeks ago. A bit late, I know, but I know he won't complain. Who gets handmade socks on his birthday these days?
I decided I'm going to knit socks as a birthdaypresent for everyone who invites me for his/her birthday. Whether they like it or not!

The feet in the socks are mine. That's why they look too big. The socks, I mean.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


As I promised yesterday......

Have to go now, Pilates in the gym, at 6.15.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What to knit....

... with these luvely colours? I've been thinking about this shapely tank top. It sure looks like a nice fitting tanktop and I started knitting it a few times, but it seemed to turn out too big all the time. That's very often a problem when you don't use the yarn that is used in the pattern. You have to try and try before you have the right amount of stitches on your needles.

In the meantime I started with the Loll-cardigan again, with Rowan Calmer-yarn. Boy, is this great yarn! So soft and stretchy. Tomorrow I will post a picture of it. I'm too lazy now, to make a picture.