Sunday, November 27, 2005


One sleeve of the Blackberry cardigan's done. On one saturday. The cables and bobbles are huge, but that goes really well with the yarn. I think it looks great, can't wait until it's finished. Uh, what did I say in my last post? About not finishing it too quickly? Well, I really need some warm clothes, because it's still cold here. And during the last months I did buy quite a lot of new clothes, but nothing for a real winter. Fancy skirts and lacy cardigans. But why didn't I knit hats and mittens and scarfs and woollen underwear?

I leave you with a picture of a beautiful landscape in the northeast of The Netherlands. This afternoon with a group we went for a 2-hour walk on the mudflats near Nieuwe Statenzijl, guided by some people of the Groninger Landschap. It was great, there was some snow, even the sun came out, and for the birdwatchers there were a lot of geese to spot.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sinterklaas present no. 1 is done

Here they are, the two (Non-) Padded Footlets. Don't they look snug, on the Ikea sheepskin? They were a great knitting project, especially the lace pattern was fun to knit. I hope mum's gonna like them, and wear them.

The facts about the (Non-) Padded Footlets
Pattern: Interweave Knits, summer 2005
Yarn: Cool wool Merino 2000 by Lana Grossa
Needles: 2,5 mm
Changes I made: In the pattern the sock has a padded sole, knitted with two strands of yarn. I decided to use only strand, that is why I didn't follow the pattern after knitting the heel. I think any other 'normal' pattern will do for the rest of the sock, as long as you have about the same amount of stitches on the needles. NB. On the IK-website you can find a (small) correction on the pattern
Start: November 5, 2005
Finish: November 20, 2005

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Spiritual, thoughtful, brilliant, creative!

Your Birthdate: April 11

Spiritual and thoughtful, you tend to take a step back from the world. You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm. Although you are brilliant, it may take you a while to find your niche.Your creativity is supreme, but it sometimes makes it hard for you to get things done.
Your strength: Your inner peace
Your weakness: You get stuck in the clouds
Your power color: Emerald
Your power symbol: Leaf
Your power month: November

Oh boy, only ten days to go in my power month! Why didn't they tell me before?

But I did do some knitting this month. This is the back of the Blackberry-cardigan. And no, it's not the wrong side I'm showing you. This is a very quick knit, in fact it's too quick for such expensive yarn. So I'm gonna take my time to finish it. Although I do need a warm cardigan now it's getting so cold.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One Non Padded Footlet finished

Here she is, my first one. This sock looks like a child's sock, but it definitely isn't. It is even too big for me. I think the lace pattern is nice, and easy to knit. The yarn I use is a bit funny to use for socks, it's thicker and more heavy than the usual sock yarn.
I still call the sock the Padded Footlet but in fact it is not. I found the pattern in the IK magazine too confusing, and so looooong (two pages!). I want to knit, not to read and translate most of the time. So in fact I knitted the Gow With The Flow pattern again, except for the cuff.
Oh, and you know what I'm doing while knitting? I'm listening to a book! I bought a book on CD, De kronieken van Narnia - de leeuw, de heks en de kleerkast (The chronicles of Narnia - the lion, the witch and the wardrobe) by C.S. Lewis. A day after I bought it, I went to the cinema and found out this story will be on screen very soon. I saw the trailer of the movie and it looked spectacular.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Something different

Nothing new to show on the knitting front. I almost finished the first (non-)Padded Footlet, but decided to frog it because it was too big. The good news is I almost finished another one, with 54 stitches on the needles, instead of 58. Fits much better.

In the meantime I made this pin cushion, inspired by the ones Karin made. Great fun to make! It is made of felt and I filled it with bran. I was told that is the best filling, so the pins won't become blunt. It might be I make some more. I know a certain someone who likes one as a Saint Nicholas gift. You don't know who this man is? Here's some information in English, coming to you with a famous Saint Nicholas-tune.

In one of my closets there are different pieces of fabric, of which I have to make something. But this can take years and years. One of them was a piece of blue fleece, the same colour as one of the walls in my spare bedroom. Aha, a cushion cover would be a nice project. So I made this, very easy, the border I festooned (?) with brown wool. And doesn't it go well with the Ikea-carpet?

Monday, November 07, 2005


That's how the colour of this yarn is called. I think it's a well chosen name, the yarn really has the colour of a herring. Must be a great job, to think out names for yarn colours! The yarn is Rowans's Scottish Tweed Chunky and I'm going to knit Blackberry with it, a Knitty pattern. But before I start knitting I first have to find out which needle size is best. The Blackberry pattern has been knitted with Rowan Chunky Print, which is thicker than the yarn I bought.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Socks and socks

Here they are, the Gow With The Flow Socks. Colourful and warm. I totally love them! The nicest ones I've knit until so far. Although the Mega Boots Stretch yarn is not the nicest yarn I ever used. It splits very easily, rather annoying when you have to pick up stitches.
I used about 80 grs. of the yarn, so there's about 20 grs. left. In my copy of IK I found this cute heart sachet I would like to make with the leftovers. For myself or as a present..... Maybe, when it turns out OK, I can make some more with the other leftovers I have saved. I think I'll shortly make and post a picture of this heap of yarn. To remind me of all the stuff I have, when I'm thinking about buying new yarn.

Like I did last week. In the picture you can see a new ball of yarn, Cool wool Merino 2000 of Lana Grossa. It is a bit like Rowans 4 ply soft, but softer, and cheaper of course. I started knitting the Padded Footlets, another IK-pattern, which I'm probably going to change in Non-Padded Footlets. According to the pattern you have to use a double strand for the sole. But as the socks will become bedsocks for my mum, padded soles aren't necessary (phew!). Mum often has cold feet in bed (runs in the family), and she's been saying for about a year now she's going to knit socks herself. Socks without a heel she wants to knit! Hahahaaa! I think these are going to be much nicer. They will be a Saint Nicholas-present, so hush!

Next time I will you show what else I bought at the yarn shop. Yeah, Rowan-yarn of course.....