Friday, January 13, 2006


A few hours ago I was thinking about calling this post Woohoo!, because Blackberry was almost finished. And it is finished now, but I'm not satisfied. Boohoo! It's not very clear in the picture, because I hold my arms high, but the sides look very bumpy. I think/hope it is because the border is too tight, so I'm gonna frog that. And pick up a few stitches more in a new attempt. This certainly is not my favourite part of knitting...
But I'm glad Ajour said she was curious about the finished Blackberry cardigan. This made me pick up the needle. Maybe you remember I bought a circular needle of which I was sure it would be too short for so many stitches? Well, it turned out to be long enough. So that's the good part of the story.
And don't my orange towels look nice in my bathroom? Hah! But what is that? Do I see a double chin over there? It is strange, when I take a look in the mirror it's never there, but in pictures it always is....


Anonymous carlarey said...

The downside to knitting is that you can't try on the sweater first and see how it fits. Got to get all the way to the end before you find out that the waist decreases hit you at the wrong spot, or the sleeves make your arms look wide and short, or that the cleverly posed model hid a serious design flaw. And yet we soldier on.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Irma said...

I have seen other people struggling with bumpyness on that part of a cardigan.
Good luck. The first impression is great!

1:49 PM  

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