Monday, February 27, 2006

Curly whirly

My 'old' colleague Dorien brought me loads of yarn some time ago because she was going to move to another house. And she doesn't knit anymore because her hands start hurting when she does (doesn't that make you cry?). I knitted her this curly whirly-scarf to thank her. A fun knit! Knitted on a circular needle you have to knit only about 10 rows. But the last few rows there are 650 stitches on the needle. So it still does take some time to finish it. Especially with a wrist like mine. I'm getting bored with that wrist! Every time I think it's OK again and knit or crochet (the Art Scarf) for a while it starts hurting. Can I buy a new wrist somewhere???


Anonymous carla rey said...

So how's the wrist? Are you back on the needles yet?
And if it's no better, are there any accupuncturists near you? I think I'd be looking for one.

2:20 PM  
Blogger zoetegoed said...

Hoe raar het ook klinkt: gelatine eten. Ik weet niet of jouw pijn is, zoals de mijne was, maar het hielp mij wel. Bv. Vruchtensap met gelatine geeft al een heerlijk puddinkje, met wat fruit er door nog beter en met een scheutje cointreau...mmmmmm. Slagroom naar keuze. Onder het mom van: anders doet het zo'n pijn.
Ook al eens gedacht aan de dokter?

9:09 PM  

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